Whats New

Whats New in version 2.0 – Available NOW on the app store

Tax Codes – (Important changes for existing users)
We’ve made some changes to how tax is applied to quotes and invoices. This has been done to help simplify the process of inputting product and service data, and, at the same time, allows easy selection of desired tax codes, all in one simple step.In earlier versions of Omni Invoice, tax was allocated against each individual product or service and included at the point of input. In version 2.0 tax is applied on the summary screen of a quote or invoice allowing easy selection of the correct tax code, depending on your current location.

When you create your products and/or services you are able to define whether they are Tax Exempt or not. (By default all items are set to ‘tax qualifying’ – if you are not required to charge tax, simply select the ‘No Tax’ option on the summary screen of your quote or invoice as opposed to setting all your products/services to ‘tax exempt’)

It is also possible to select a default tax code, which will then be applied to all invoices/quotes unless you override it by selecting a different tax code on the summary screen.

‘User Defined’ Tax Display – Once a tax code has been selected it is now displayed on the quote or invoice.

Note: If you are an existing user and do not wish to have the changes to the original Tax system, described above, implimented on your copy of Omni Invoice then please refrain from upgrading to the latest version (ver2.0).
Additional Option For Data Entry
Quantities of products/services can now be entered by using your devices numeric keypad. This makes the entry of large quantities much easier. It’s also possible to enter decimal points enabling the invoicing of, and quoting for, fractions of units. This also enables the user to bill services as a fraction of time. Example: 2.5 hrs

But don’t worry, it’s still possible to increase and decrease the units by a value of ‘1’, just as before, by tapping the ‘plus’ and ‘minus’ buttons, making the input of smaller amounts a breeze.

Include Your Company Logo – (excludes Omni Invoice Lite)
You can now add that professional touch by including your company logo. Simply enter the URL of an existing logo in the user settings and it will be automatically placed at the top of all your quotes and invoices.

Quote/Invoice Header Text
This feature enables the user to include an amount of text at the top of quotes or invoices. It could be a information regarding working practices or a small note thanking your customers for their business. Either way, it’s there if you need it.

Help Text
We have included some information to help you get started with Omni Invoice. If your not sure what to do or how to create your first invoice or quote, simply tap the ‘i’ button and the screen will turn over and display relative help text.