WhatsApp Will Stop Services for Blackberry

WhatsApp Will Stop Services for Blackberry

Blackberry is currently the popularity is very dim when compared with a few years ago. Where, when it became one of the Blackberry smartphones that became a favorite of patients gadgets because of its ability that is considered very special. However, since the arrival of Android Blackberry was increasingly in abandon and the peak in recent years Blackberry was leaving the operating system homemade on the latest device and follow to use the Android OS.

The makes some apps unavailable to older BlackBerry users. Where, one of the most recent is WhatsApp is reported not going to extend its service to more former BlackBerry users. The information revealed if WhatsApp will stop its service for Blackberry OS on December 31, 2017.

However, WhatsApp is reportedly still providing services on some legacy OS like the Nokia S40 OS until December 31, 2018, and Android version 2.3.7 or later until February 1, 2020. Then, revocation of services made WhatsApp will make the users may not be able to access some features though it can still use it.

“You can no longer create a new account or re-verify a pre-existing account. But, you can continue using WhatsApp, “the instant service company wrote in an explanation on its website. As an immediate messaging service with the most users today, making WhatsApp is needed by smartphone users today.

If you see on the ground, users of the device with the Blackberry operating system is indeed the number is getting a little bit more. This is not surprising, the article in addition to some services that are increasingly difficult to enjoy, the price of quota packages or other support for this also tend to be more expensive. Although, say if the device with operating system has better security. Blackberry itself is now using Android as the operating system on the latest device. Was undoubtedly done to maintain its existence as one of the leading smartphone brands that had succeeded in the world.