Battery For iPhone 9

Reportedly LG Will Supply Battery For iPhone 9

According to a rumor of The Korea Economic Daily, that LG Chemical will be the battery supplier for Apple iPhone 9, If true, South Korean company has scored a lot of victories, because Apple usually use multi-vendor approach when having to buy the battery for its iPhone. LG has spent hundreds of billions of dollars on battery manufacturing, with production volume starting early next year ahead of the iPhone 9 launch in autumn 2018.

The report that LG will produce the L-shaped battery for iPhone 9. Interestingly, Apple is expected to use a battery similar to the upcoming iPhone 8, which is expected to provide significantly increased battery life, especially in conjunction with OLED screens. The shape changes will likely allow the battery to charge faster too.

Reportedly LG Will Supply Battery For iPhone 9

The L shape, bent at the bottom, shows an increase in the size of the current iPhone rectangular battery and relies on a more compact PCB mainboard to make room for it. Today’s report also claims that changing shapes are expected to result in faster-charging speeds.

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A report in May claimed that the iPhone 9 will be launched in two variants of OLED measuring 5.28 inches and 6.46 inches, with Samsung expected to be a supplier of OLED displays. It is said that the new L-shaped battery is slightly larger than the conventional rectangular battery used in the current iPhone gen. As a result, Apple must make some adjustments to the mainboard PCB to accommodate new batteries. We look forward to hearing more about the new partnerships forged in the coming months.