Nintendo Switch Details

Nintendo Switch Details


There are not very many details known about the Nintendo Switch, apart from what we have seen in the official trailer for the new console. Seen on the images is that the switch between the handheld and the console can do in just seconds, and removing the screen of the handheld automatically pauses the game, allowing gamers can exchange ideas without consequences.

In addition, to see that the Switch is relatively lightweight, also featured is that the Zelda game a higher draw distance and that the framerate is more flexible, which in turn indicates that the Switch is technically superior to the Wii you.

The Nintendo Switch is launched in March 2017. In January, Nintendo will reveal more details about its new console.

Nintendo Switch Presentation

We already knew that we would get a presentation beginning 2017 on the new console from Nintendo. Today, the company has confirmed that more news on the Switch live from Tokyo will be announced on January 13, at 5:00 UK time. What exactly is going to be shown during the presentation is not yet known.

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