iPhones could have 62x faster internet speeds in 2018

iPhones could have 62x faster internet speeds in 2018

During the 10 years existence of the iPhone in the smartphone market was marked by the launch of the iPhone X. Devices that are present without this “Home” button to the attention of many people because of the new features that are considered highly sophisticated. Roughly what technology will bring Apple again yes for iPhone released next year?

KGI Securities analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo. Estimating next year’s iPhone will probably be supported by gigabit technology LTE. The presence of gigabit technologies LTE is believed to increase the speed of upload and download internet on iPhone.

Kuo said the next generation iPhone would be present with an update that makes the antenna connections faster. One of them is the use of circuit boards “liquid crystal polymer” to boosts wireless reception. With the use of new technologies, the internet connection will be much faster. Mere information, theoretically, gigabit LTE device allows for download speeds of 1Gbps equivalent.

With speed like that, according to T-Mobile, a movie duration 2 hours can be downloaded in 15 seconds. Gigabit technology LTE estimated could increase internet speed so 62 times the current speed. Please note, although the technology in it has enabled internet connection, very fast internet connection, of course, also affected the speed of the internet were presented by the operator. In New York, for example, Speed of the internet operator T-Mobile could reach 30-50Mbps.

If leakage of this information accurately, iPhone pursuit of some Android devices that have been applying gigabit technology LTE. For example, the Samsung Galaxy S8.

iPhone Dual SIM Slots Would Present

In addition to the predictable presents gigabit technology LTE to accelerate the acceptance of the internet on the device, Apple is rumored to release iPhone dual SIM feature in future. However, this dual SIM feature will only own one variant of the iPhone. Kuo describes at least one variant of the iPhone 2018 will be present with a dual-SIM dual standby. The presence of this dual SIM because Apple wants to give some major upgrade compared to the iPhone that is on the market today.

Features dual SIM owned by a lot of Android OS-based smartphone, while so far there hasn’t been a single one the iPhone has it. Most Android smartphone with dual SIM 3 g + LTE network support, so Apple is planning on doing things a little differently. According to Kuo, features dual SIM on the iPhone will both be compatible with LTE networks. That is, the transmission speed of LTE will be available on both of these connections.

Predictions about the presence of dual-SIM it raises another question about the iPhone design is 2018. If Apple plans on integrating dual-SIM support on the device, the SIM slot will take more space, and this is likely to impact on the design of the iPhone. Apple itself thus far have not provided any confirmation about his plans for the iPhone is 2018. Company origin Country Uncle Sam is known is reluctant to comment on the various rumors and predictions about the product which has not been announced.

The attitude of the Apple does not make the leakage of information about its newest range of products stopped circulating, including reserved iPhone 2018. Apple predicted for next year will use OLED screen for more variants of the iPhone. Also, the features of the Face ID also will be owned by all of the iPhone that was announced in the next year, though there will be a difference in screen size. Face ID currently exclusive only available for the iPhone.