iPhone 7 And iPhone 7 Plus

iPhone 7, The Current iPhone Series

The iPhone 7 is presented by Apple on 7 September 2016 to the world during a meeting in San Francisco. If one looks at the design and to the fact that the new device as the successor to the 6S is launched then there is little to discover innovative here. However, there are a number of changes were made. It is striking, for example, that the smartphone is waterproof. In addition, there are improvements with regard to the camera and the battery life. If you don’t subscribe, but want to buy a loose copy without obligations, then you have a choice from a variety of price ranges.


iPhone 7 Hands On

The iPhone 7 is the successor to the popular iPhone 6S and features a number of revolutionary features that we haven’t seen before or are used to from Apple. So is the iPhone 7 waterproof and you also don’t have to worry about dust in the 3.5 mm connector or Lightning connector. This I have on the iPhone 6 experienced several times and can be very disturbing. Especially if you can charge your phone no longer good. About the 3.5 mm connector; This is at the iPhone 7 as a whole gone and is replaced by the Lightning connector from Apple. If you are afraid that because of this you can be disconnected than earbuds, Apple has good news for you. In the new range of accessories are various wireless earbuds. Especially the Airpods (not to be confused with the Earpods) we find very interesting! In addition to these new features, Apple has a much better developed than this camera which features 12 megapixels behind and 7 megapixels for. A number of megapixels, however, are the least interesting. The quality of the pictures is many times more interesting. More on this can be read in the extensive information on this page. Are you curious about the many possibilities of this new iPhone?

The iPhone 7 in a nutshell

No time to read the whole story on this page? Below we have the highlights of the iPhone 7:

  1. Presentation on 7 September 2016
  2. Features a water resistant housing with IP67 certification
  3. Powered by a powerful A10-chip with a quad-core processor
  4. 2 GB of memory, 256, 128 or 32 GB storage
  5. 4.7-inch screen with Retina-resolution and better color reproduction
  6. Improved 12-megapixel camera with optical image stabilization
  7. No headphone jack: Apple delivers Lightning-caps with it
  8. Equipped with stereo speakers, better led Flash and redesigned Home button
  9. Running out of the box on iOS 10

Hardware and camera

Of course, Apple has the new iPhone with better hardware. For example, there is a more powerful A10-chip on board with as many as four computing cores. Two of them are meant for heavy tasks and come only in action when needed, for example when playing games. This makes the chip more energy efficient, which should ensure that the battery of the iPhone last longer.

Furthermore, the 12 megapixel camera of the iPhone 7 improved. He has a higher light sensitivity, optical image stabilization, and a stronger Flash. At the front is a 7-megapixel camera for still sharper selfies.

The biggest new camera feature is exclusive to the iPhone 7 Plus: a dual camera. This consists of two lenses with 12 megapixels, where one works like wide angle lens and the other as a telephoto lens. That means you can create recordings with this camera both very spacious thanks to the wide angle lens as zoomed photos (2 x optical zoom) with the telephoto lens.

It is also possible with this double camera depth of field in your photos; the portrait on the front is sharp and the background remains vague. These photos are partly made possible by the ‘ self-learning dual-camera system ‘ of the iPhone 7, but there is also some additional software is needed. That is not yet available at the launch of the smartphone.

Screen, home button and stereo speaker

Although the screen of the iPhone has the same Retina-resolution 7 as its predecessor, there is what changed. The iPhone has a trick learned from the 9.7 7-inch iPad Pro. He has a wider color range, which means that there are more colors are displayed. Your eyes still more vivid photos and games pieces more beautiful. Also, the brightness is cranked up, which makes the screen easier to read in direct sunlight.

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In addition, the home button on the kick. You can press him anymore, but still, you get feedback from the enhanced Taptic Engine so that you have the feeling that you click. The new home button looks like this on the Force Touch-trackpad on the MacBook. In the iPhone is, however, another technology used: the Taptic Engine is used for click-illusion. It gives also the vibration motor different feedback for various reports. There will be an app within, then feel different than when someone you call or when you have the 3D Touch features of iOS used.

Finally, the sound of the iPhone 7 improved if you don’t have headphones connected. The unit has stereo speakers! Press and hold the iPhone 7 in the portrait mode, then you notice there, by the way, any of it. Only the speaker at the bottom produces sound. Turn the unit a quarter turn, then acts as a second phone-speaker stereo speaker. A similar technique used Apple at the iPad Pro. The four speakers of the tablet adapt on the way you hold the iPad.