iOS 11

iOS 11: All you need to know

iOS 11, Apple’s new mobile operating system for iPhone and iPad came in its public beta version at the end of June.

In addition to changes in Siri (which now speaks in a more natural language), there are variations in the control center (to which you can add more buttons), in the design of the App Store and the editing of photos, among others.

As iOS is a public beta, from now until its official launch in autumn, it is not advisable to download the operating system on your primary device, as it is not a stable software.

Without further ado, we present everything you need to know about iOS 11 with this series of articles, photo galleries, videos and instructions for you to get acquainted with the news of this new operating system.

iOS 11 in detail

Users have considered that absence is a type of failure, something common in systems that are still in test. However, when asked about why the function is not in the new iOS, Apple replied that it was deliberately taken and that it was not a bug.

The motives have not yet been confirmed, but rumors about iPhone 8 indicate that the removal of the function would be related to the cellular screen. According to the latest leaks, the new generation of the smartphone should come with ‘ infinite screen,’ to the molds of the Galaxy S8. For not having borders, the appeal would be compromised. Another user theory about the resource concerns the accidental opening of the multitasking.

It’s worth remembering that iOS 11 is in a test stage. Apple can still make modifications to the system, but until the moment the impression it gives is that the feature stayed out.

The next version of iOS should reach Apple’s cellphones, such as a free update from September.