Intel Partners with AMD Launches Chip for Core Generation 8

Intel Partners with AMD Launches New Chip for Core Generation 8

Intel took AMD to add elements of its Radeon RX Vega M chip processor chip that has entered the eighth generation. The new chip provides 4GB of RAM space for High Bandwidth Memory (HBM) second generation initiated by AMD and Hynix.
Intel announced at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2018 which took place in Las Vegas, United States. The latest Cip called G series consisting of two products, namely RX Vega M GL and RX Vega M GH.

GL type chips are launched for laptops, while GH types for small computer powered devices, such as Intel’s Next Unit Computing (NUC) series. The RX Vega M GL product has performance between 931MHz and 1.011Mhz and has 20 units of calculation.
While GH advantages in speed and graphics hardware because it has performance between 1.063MHz and 1.190MHz, plus 26 units of calculation. This difference in capacity makes both chips paired on a varied processor.

Intel Partners with AMD Launches New Chip for Core Generation 8

Intel Core i5 and i7 processors fit juxtaposed with the GL series, while GH is exclusive to Intel Core i7 processors, as reported by Engadget. Both processor chips allow users of Intel Core i5 and i7 processors to be more comfortable while playing the game. The reason, gamers can enjoy 60 frames per second in Full High Definition (Full HD) which is equivalent to 1080p. The device is thinner, lighter and saves power fit when paired with this brand-new chip.

The device specifications that can use this chip weighs 4.6 pounds or about 2.08 kilograms, with a thickness of 17 mm and can last up to 9.3 hours. Citing ZDnet, Intel’s Director of Graphics Marketing Client John Webb stated the new chip balances performance and mobility. “This G-Series made users feel the better performance and packed in a lighter and thinner system class, whether it’s a mobile platform or a small device that works like a computer,” explains Webb.