Instagram Test New Comment Feature

Instagram continues to set up new features for its services. This time, the photo and video sharing service are reportedly testing a new comment feature.

Instagram Test New Comment Feature

Through the presence of this new feature, users can comment directly on a photo or video that appears in the feed. This new feature is a small column with a description of ‘Add a comment,’ which appears below the photo or video. Previously, users had to click on the comment icon to be able to comment on the content that appears in their feed.

Quoted from the Phone Arena, if your Instagram application has a new feature, you can immediately write a comment in the column with a description of ‘Add a comment’ it. This new feature tested on Android and iOS devices. For Android devices, some users in Indonesia claimed to have seen the original comment field. Also, there are also iOS users who see the comment field in some of the photos and videos that appear in their feeds.

If you guys do not see this new feature in the feed, do not worry because it is still a test process. Instagram will make an official announcement when this new feature released for all Android and iOS users. Instagram seemed to run out of new ideas for its services. In addition to the comments feature, Instagram is reportedly also testing a standalone app for private messages called Direct. The testing process is underway in six countries, namely Chile, Israel, Italy, Portugal, Turkey, and Uruguay.

This trial application can be download in Android and iOS app stores. When the user downloads the standalone Direct app, the inbox feature in the Instagram app will lose. As a result, users can only access all Instagram messages in the Direct app.
Instagram reasons make Direct because the company feels the private messaging service will be more able to provide the best experience when becoming a standalone app.

Instagram Product Manager, Hemal Shah, said the Direct service in Instagram apps continues to grow in the last four years. The service is considered to be more optimal including as a creative space if it becomes a standalone application. ‘We want Instagram to be a place for all your moments and sharing privately with close friends is an important part of it all,’ he said. According to Tech Crunch reports, Direct users can create and share Stories content, and have access to exclusive filters, Boomerang and some other Instagram creative tools. Friends list on Instagram will automatically add to the Direct application.