DJI Phantom 3 Vs Xiaomi Mi Drones

DJI Phantom 3 Vs Xiaomi Mi Drones

First, we can see from the design, the two drones in category Quadcopter, meaning this drone has four motor and propeller. Xiaomi Mi Drone has a simpler design than his rival, but the DJI phantom three standard look slimmer. But Xiaomi mi drones have a camera, and stent design dreadlocks can be folded while the DJI phantom 3 using a standard stent type fixed. Given the looks like Xiaomi mi drone is superior to the DJI Pantheon 3 standard.

Second, we will compare its specifications. Xiaomi provides two options for the quality camera at Xiaomi Mi Drone. That is the camera quality of the 1080 p and 4 k quality camera. MI Drone that has 1080 p High-Definition camera that can reach a distance of 1 km is being sold at a price of 6 million, where as the other versions higher than that: with the model 4 k camera with High Resolution and range of 2 km. Version 60FPS supports 1080 p/1080 p video shooting, while standard 3 phantom DJI can only record video 1080 p 30 fps. But the DJI phantom 3 standards can support 2.7 k video shooting, in which case the resolution of the video screen, 1080 p 3s version the Phantom DJI would be better of Xiaomi Mi drone.

1080 p version of Xiaomi mi drone also has its advantages in the video shooting. Viewing angle 104 degrees belong to Xiaomi mi drone will shoot more 3s than the phantom content only with viewing angle 94 degrees. And more Xiaomi mi drone nodes than 3s phantom at the screen resolution of the image. So version Xiaomi mi drone 1080 p would be better to take photographs of static. Xiaomi mi 4k version of the drone has a maximum resolution of 3840 × 2160 videos like DJI phantom three standards. But we must notice that Xiaomi mi drones only have two functions with a single photo and video catching, slightly worse than the phantom 3 Standard with shooting modes.

Regarding technology, Xiaomi Mi drone can reach an altitude of flying from DJI phantom 3s. But the flight speed is slower compared to the Phantom 3. Phantom 3 Standard is not equipped with Ultrasonic sensors that allow for a flying low above the floor in a room, but the drones have had Mi Xiaomi module ultrasonic position, although it is not open to the indoor functions. The second drone has also been equipped with a GPS System that is useful to know the position of the drone when operated in the air, but the GPS functionality of Xiaomi mi more sophisticated than DJI phantom 3. Xiaomi mi drones can fly 27 hours, which is two minutes longer than the DJI phantom 3 Standard. So in flying time, Xiaomi win.

Remote Control
Let’s talk about remote control, 3 Standard Phantom not provided signal transmission technology Lightbridge is revolutionary; He can only forward a 720 p video to Smartphones or tablet from a distance of 1 km away. While in the distance drones Xiaomi mi flight controls on Wi-Fi image transfer system can only achieve 1 kilometer. So, the distance the recommended version of flight 1080 p is the distance of one kilometer. Remote control batteries of Xiaomi Mi Drone has a capacity of 5. 000mAh, twice as large as the 3s phantom which only has a capacity of 2, 600mAh. So in the Remote control battery endurance, Xiaomi mi drone is more durable.

Regarding the functions of the Remote control, Xiami Mi drones have some default features like Automatic Take Off/Landing, one key to return, holding altitude, flying, airline guidance planning hovering, automatic, real-time power monitoring, electricity shortage reminds return. DJI Phantom 3 Standard also features the same as above, but the DJI Phantom 3 Standard has a surplus that is “Follow Me” feature that will follow wherever his move controller holder.

From the above we conclude that reviews Xiaomi MI drones have advantages such as Ultrasonic indoor GPS, portability NYA, flying longer hours, higher screen resolution with a 4 k version, longer flight distance for 4 k version of the remote control, the remote control’s battery capacity and larger. But it also has shortcomings, such as some of the limitations of single shooting mode, and are not equipped with “Follow Me” feature. While the DJI phantom 3s have advantages like much shooting mode, 2.7 k mi Xiaomi screen resolutions 1080 p did not have drones, very few limits, and more advanced remote control with the Follow Me feature and not equipped with Ultrasonic indoor GPS, and durability of a small remote control.